Bathroom Exhaust Fan Reviews

When it comes to bathrooms, most of them are the same. They are typically not considered a glamorous area of the home. However, every bathroom in the world has one common problem. They all seem to have an odor that is not good at random times and in some cases, the odor may not go away the way you want for it too. One odor that typically stays around is a musky one that is caused by steamy hot showers. To eliminate this particular odor, you should consider using a fan. Continue reading or skip to the best bathroom exhaust fan reviews.

What Is a Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

An exhaust fan for bathroom is a small fan that will pull odors and dampness out of a bathroom so that you will have less odors within it. It is connected to ducts so that the dampness and odor will be vented to the outside of the home. This is especially valuable for central bathrooms or those that are unable to get airflow and homes that are prone to holding dampness.

Why Have Bathroom Ventilation?

One of the main reasons to have a vent in your bathroom is to protect yourself and it. By showering inside of the bathroom, humidity levels increase in that room faster than in any other room. This creates a breeding ground for mildew, mold, and other things that can impact your health and your bathroom’s. Exposure to mold and mildew can cause a lot of allergy type symptoms and difficulty breathing. For your bathroom, it can cause rust, warped doors, cracking paint, and peeling wallpaper. If left alone for too long, it can even cause deterioration in your bathroom ceiling joists and other wooden areas. In short, it improves your home’s overall air quality and ensures that your home will not develop problems from having too much dampness inside of it. Beyond that, a ventilation fan can remove odors that you find unpleasant in your bathroom. Including perfumes and hairspray fumes.

Features of a Bathroom Ventilation Fan

Vent fans are not filled with features. You do want to make sure that you get one that is the right size for your bathroom and that is not too noisy to be comfortable. When talking about size, you want a fan that is 50 CFM for a bathroom that is less than 50 square feet. If you have a bathroom that is 100sq. ft. or less, you want a fan that runs 1CFM for each square foot of floor space. Add in extra power if you have a jetted tub, bathtub, shower, and toilet in rooms larger than 100sq. ft. In the event that you have a toilet room, you should have a small fan for it as well.

However, if you do want features, you can find a bathroom fan with light, some are heated and some have a timer that you can set. It all depends on how much you want to spend and what features you feel are important. To see what other types of fans are available, you should take a look at what many homeowners consider the best exhaust fan available.

Top 5 Exhaust Fan Reviews

1. Air King High-Performance Bath Fan

air king high performance bath fan

This 90-CFM ventilation for bathroom is affordable and boasts a 4.1-star rating. It is quiet and easily snaps into place for quick installation. With it, you do not have to worry about cold air coming in through the vent because it has a backdraft damper.


2. Panasonic WhisperCeiling Fan for Bathroom

panasonic whisperceiling exhaust fan for bathroom

This 150 CFM ceiling mounted ventilation fan is rated as one of the best available at 4.7-stars. It has a totally enclosed condenser motor to ensure it has a long life. It is rust proof, very quiet, and promises superior quality. It also has a built-in backdraft damper.


3. Delta Breez Slim Exhaust Fan

delta breez slim exhaust fan for bathroom

This quiet bath fan is rated at 70 CFM. Other sizes are available. It is energy efficient and has a precision engineered brushless motor. It is made of galvanized steel to resist corrosion and promises to give you home a vent that will last many years. 


4. Panasonic 110 CFM Ceiling Vent Fan

best bathroom exhaust fans

High quality comes from Panasonic and this is a bestselling ceiling vent fan for bathrooms. It has a 13in grill and remains quiet when in use. It also uses a double hanger bar mounting system for easy positioning.


5. Hunter Halcyon Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light

bathroom exhaust fan with light

In your dream bathroom, you may want to add more style to a vent fan. This is a beautiful, contemporary option that also works as a nightlight. It is made with chrome and a swirled marble glass. It mounts flush against the ceiling and has a 5-year limited warranty. Overall, it holds a 4.3-star rating from its owners.