Best Heated Towel Warmer Reviews

Towel warmers are a luxury that can easily be added to your guest suite, master bath, or even your kitchen and laundry room. They have many different uses and benefits. In fact, the uses go way beyond the simple warming of a towel. Drying hand washables and delicate items, and warming bedding and baby items are a few other popular uses. Many people even use heated towel racks to reduce moisture in shower rooms, mudrooms, and basements. The types of towel racks are as many as the uses you can find for them.

Best Heated Towel Racks Comparison Table

best amba towel warmersAmba Curved Towel Warmer4.1$$$
brookstone portable towel warmer reviewBrookstone Portable Towel Warmer3.8$$
kensington wall mounted heated towel warmerKensington Wall-mounted Heated Towel Rack4.0$$
warmrails floor standing heated towel rackWarmrails Floor Standing Heated Towel Warmer3.5$
LCM freestanding towel warmerLCM Freestanding Heated Towel Rack3.6$

From wall mounted to free standing, from portable to fixed or installed units, there is a towel warmer for any use needed. We have designed these reviews to help you navigate through the many types and brands and find the best towel warmer for your needs.

Top 5 Heated Towel Warmer Reviews

1. Portable Towel Warmer by Brookstone

brookstone portable towel warmer review

The Brookstone will warm your towels up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as ten minutes. By the time you’re ready to come out of the shower, your warm towel will be waiting to embrace you with heat and comfort. The large design of the Brookstone will house up to 2 large, oversized towels. This unit can easily accommodate and warm a blanket on cold winter nights as well. With a transparent lid, you can easily see inside it which is equipped with an automatic shut-off design. The Brookstone towel warmer is powered by a plug that fits into any standard 120V outlet.


2. Amba Curved Towel Warmer – Radiant Wired

best amba towel warmers

The Amba Towel Warmers are made of a grade 304 stainless-steel. Designed for conveniently wall mounting, it features an easy on-and-off switch. Ten crossbars will accommodate many pieces at one time, allowing you to warm and dry personal items as well as towels and bedding. The horizontal bars are heated as well as the vertical bars.


3. Kensington Wall Mounted Heated Towel Rack

kensington wall mounted heated towel warmer

The Kensington is designed to mount to a wall and is a 105 watt unit. This one is great for warming and drying towels, hand-washables, swimsuits, bedding, and baby items without having to use a dryer. With eight racks, hanging multiple items at one time is easy. Powered by a standard outlet, it is designed to run 24 hours a day.


4. Warmrails Floor Standing Heated Towel Warmer

warmrails floor standing heated towel rack

The Warmrails 75 watt unit keeps towels dry and warm. This one can can be mounted to the wall or used free standing on the floor, making it very portable. Energy efficient, it uses as about as much power as a regular light bulb. Featuring a Filatherm technology, it can be used 24 hours a day with its dry element design.


5. LCM Freestanding Heated Towel Rack

LCM freestanding towel warmer

The LCM freestanding is made with a brush chrome plated finish on top of an aluminum frame and reaches temperatures up to 122F within 30 minutes. Assembly is easy, and instructions and brackets for wall mounting are also included. Powered by a 110-120 V outlet, the rack features an on-off-switch. The unit is easy to transport as a free-standing towel rack to take along with you on road trips or for use in a RV.


As you can see, these towel warmers can be a great addition to your home and life. Pamper yourself and your guests with one in each suite or bathroom. Warm and dry your towels, personal items, and bedding. In the cold winter months, this is not just a luxury but a necessity. Whether you choose to install a wall mounted unit or purchase a free standing towel rack that can double as a portable unit, these reviews will help you in making a decision.