Best High Pressure Units to Increase Water Pressure

The best part of waking up, for most of us, is a soothing and refreshing hot shower! And nothing feels better than a high pressure soaking massage to get you moving in the morning.   If you live in an area where water pressure is lacking, at best, you are well aware of the sacrifice you have to make on a daily basis. And with new laws and requirements which are designed to save water, the United States now limits faucets and shower heads to release only 2.5 gallons per minute. Now, even with the best water pressure available, most of us have seen a decrease in our household water flow. Some people are convinced that they waste more water in the shower under these new guidelines, as it takes longer to rinse off soap and shampoo. None of us should have to sacrifice comfort in the shower. Thankfully, there is an answer to this problem.

High Pressure Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure

aqua elegante high flow shower headAqua Elegante 6 Function High Pressure4.9Check Price
vida alegria spashower high power shower headVida Alegria Spashower4.7Check Price
speakman anystream high pressure shower headSpeakman Icon Anystream High Pressure 4.6Check Price
delta water amplifying shower headDelta Adjustable Water Amplifying4.6Check Price
thunderhead th2.5 shower headThunderhead TH2.5 High Pressure4.3Check Price

These not only meet government regulations, but there are many from which to choose. If you happen to find yourself overwhelmed with a wealth of information on choosing the best high pressure shower head, look no further. We will now review some of the most powerful options available on the market today.

Top 5 Powerful Shower Heads

Delta Adjustable Water Amplifying

delta water amplifying shower headThe Delta Water Amplifying system offers efficiency, and without the cost of comfort. The Delta H20Kinetics can actually lower your monthly utility bills while still offering a complete and full spraying shower experience. You can read more about this on their site. The Delta offers the following:

  • Low flow water saving system which feels like the flow of traditional units
  • Two settings are available; offered in 2.5 gpm or 1.85 gpm for greater savings
  • Easy switch lever making changing spray patterns simple
  • Special technology offered by H20Kinetics releases 36% less water
  • Easy to clean spray nozzles won’t clog with mineral or calcium deposits


Thunderhead TH2.5

thunderhead th2.5 high pressure rain shower headThe Thunderhead is equipped with a pressure chamber which forcefully disperses water evenly from a massive amount of 90 jets. Listed below are the many features of this efficient high flow unit:

  • Powerful and dynamic spray
  • Easy to install; no tools required; no plumber required
  • Non clogging nozzles; easy to clean
  • Wide and even track flow pattern produced by 90 jets
  • Acrobat extension arm allows movement in every direction
  • Converts standard into an overhead shower
  • Can also be used in a standard unit position
  • Large diameter rainfall unit delivers a complete and soaking drench
  • Has easily adjustable height option; perfect for the entire family


Vida Alegria 5 Inch High Pressure Spashower

vida alegriaThe Vida Alegria offers five versatile spray modes which are completely unique and simple to maneuver. With a super quick installation process, you can have this one up and running in no time. Here are a few other characteristics you might find appealing:

  • Flow patterns include Pressure Drench, Power Massage, Relaxing Rain, two mixes, and Drizzle for saving even more water.
  • 5 inch round rainfall shower head
  • Water saving option
  • Brass ball joint is durable and guaranteed not to leak or crack; firmly stays put in the desired position
  • Perfect for RVs and boats
  • Easy to remove flow restrictor for a stronger, more powerful spray
  • Easy installation
  • Packaging is made for easy opening as well as recycling


Aqua Elegante 6 Function Luxury

aqua elegante high flow shower head Still wondering how to increase water pressure in the shower? You can achieve a perfect shower when you choose from Aqua Elegante’s six different settings. Made of sturdy engineering and construction, this high pressure shower head has something to offer everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the functions this has to offer:

  • Six settings include Power Blast, Pulsating Massage, Water Saver, Gentle Rainfall – a soft spray for sensitive skin, and two mixed settings.
  • The removable water restrictor allows users to boost the flow of water; easy flow restrictor removal instructions included
  • Quality construction consisting of ABS plastic and durable brass fitting; built to last
  • Hard water solution; self-cleansing nozzles to ward off calcium and mineral build up.
  • Easy to install; easy to follow instructions which are clear and concise


Speakman Icon Anystream

speakman anystream high pressure shower headKnown as “the gift of luxury,” the Speakman Icon Anystream is a six jet unit which is designed to last a lifetime. Satisfied consumers are convinced this will be the last shower system they purchase. The solid brass frame houses the technology capable of delivering the ultimate luxury shower experience. Let’s take a look at the other features which makes this one of a kind:

  • Easily adjustable; rotating lever allows for transitioning into almost any spray pattern imaginable.
  • 360 ◦ continuous rotation design
  • Constructed with High Quality durable materials
  • Classic and elegant appearance for a designer look
  • Speakman patented plunger system; designed to ensure full spray coverage
  • Easy three step installation; clear instructions included


With most of these there is a setting for virtually everyone. From a peaceful gentle rain to a heavy invigorating massage, you are sure to find your perfect morning shower here. No need to suffer and sacrifice due to lack of water pressure any longer. And, an extra bonus is offered in that they are all designed for easy, do-it-yourself, installation! These forcible high pressure designs deliver a more powerful spray than ever before. Whether you are looking for a rainfall feel or a forceful massaging spray, a high pressure system can accommodate your entire family with versatile settings and spray patterns. Increasing your water pressure has never been easier with these easy to install designs. Many require no tools at all! As you can see, it’s easy to overcome the new requirements and restrictions placed on modern shower heads with innovative new technology. There is compelling evidence that one of these options will, definitely, work for you!