Best Medicine Cabinets For Your Bathroom

Have you ever thought about why a medicine cabinet is needed? Could you imagine what your bathroom would look like without one? It would be chaos, that is for sure. Everyone would see all of your personal products (medicine, perfumes, deodorants, nail polishes, etc.) out in the open. Plus, if you have cats, they would have a field day playing with or knocking it all over the counter. Take into consideration the amount of items needing to be stored, how much space you have, and other preferences before selecting the best medicine cabinet for you.

Best Bathroom Cabinets Comparison

pegasus recessed mirrored medicine cabinetPegasus Recessed Mirrored Medicine Cabinet4.7$
kohler recessed medicine cabinetKohler Aluminum Mirrored Medicine Cabinet4.4$$
best medicine cabinetZenith American Bathroom Medicine Cabinet3.7$$
tempered glass bathroom medicine cabinetChesterfield Tempered Glass Bathroom Medicine Cabinet4.3$
jensen medicine cabinetJensen Frameless Medicine Cabinet with Mirror4.4$

Top 5 Medicine Cabinet Reviews

1. Kohler Aluminum Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

kohler recessed medicine cabinet

This is one of the top selling cabinets. You cannot go wrong with this choice. This one can be either mounted flush or recessed with the door opening to the left or right. The shelves are adjustable. The mirror is frameless but has a mirror on the inside as well, which helps in seeing the back of your head. According to consumers, this cabinet it very easy to install. Having no frame adds a bit of elegance, but be careful as the chemicals you use to clean the bathroom will cause the mirror to obtain little black spots if your hands or fingers have chemicals on them. The case is rust free and weighs 26 pounds. It will require 2 people to install.


2. Jensen Frameless Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

jensen frameless medicine cabinet with mirrorjensen frameless medicine cabinet with mirrorjensen frameless medicine cabinet with mirrorjensen frameless medicine cabinet with mirrorjensen frameless medicine cabinet with mirror

This cabinet can be mounted flush or recessed with the doors being able to open to the left or right as well. This cabinet can be installed with ease. The shelves are not adjustable and may be smaller or shorter than what you are used to seeing so be sure to check the size and height of your items to ensure they will fit as you would like. This cabinet weighs 12.3 pounds and can be installed by 1 person.


3. Zenith American Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

best medicine cabinet

This option can also be flush mounted or recessed fit. The door opens to the left only. It comes with 2 large adjustable shelves and a very nice crown molding detail. It is very heavy and It will take 2 people to install. It has a generous amount of storage space. It is recommended to attach to the stud with anchors to avoid separation from the wall. It is available in white only and is a bit heavier at 30.8 pounds.


4. Pegasus Recessed Mirrored Cabinet

pegasus recessed mirrored medicine cabinet

The Pegasus has a soft closing door so you will not wake up light sleepers if you are an early riser. This can be mounted recessed or flush. There are small indents that are used when opening the doors as to avoid fingerprints or smudges. The glass shelves do have a pre-printed text on them that is not easily removable. The size is on the smaller side but if you are space limited, this may be what you are looking for. The Pegasus comes pre- assembled and it fastens to the wall with brackets. It also comes with some mirror strips to cover the exposed sides and looks great when done properly. Also note that it provides a 110-degree door opening. You can simply hang the cabinet upside down if you require an opening to the right side versus the left side. It weighs 22.8 pounds.


5. Chesterfield Tempered Glass Bathroom Cabinet

tempered glass bathroom medicine cabinet

This is a nontraditional medicine cabinet with no mirrored doors, rather tempered glass. It comes in dark Espresso only with 2 adjustable shelves. It provides a larger than normal storage space. This one does require assembly but it is not too time consuming. Tools required to assemble are both a Philips and a flat head screwdriver. A word of advice, mount it before you attach the doors. The dimensions are 24 ½ versus the 18 ½ diameter. Quite a bit larger than the description. The directions include a template of where the anchors are to be drilled which is very handy. It is certainly an expensive looking piece for a reasonable price. You are saving money by assembling it yourself. This cabinet weighs in at 26.6 pounds.