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ShowerMaxx Luxury Handheld Review

showermaxx review

For some people, choosing a shower head is extremely simple. You go to the store and bring one home. Other people want to have certain features that they can enjoy and therefore they spend a lot of time researching which one may be best. This is not always easy considering the many options available on […]

Speakman Reaction Low Flow Shower System

speakman reaction low flow shower head

Most people don’t think of shower heads as a stylish accessory for a bathroom, but the Speakman Reaction may prove that you can. It is a contemporary looking option that promises to provide both style and an outstanding shower experience. To learn more, read our full Speakman Reaction review. Features of the Speakman Reaction This is […]

Waterpik Shower System Features and Review

waterpik shower head review

Most people dream of a shower that is relaxing. That is why there are so many different types of shower heads available. The idea is to give people exactly what they want so that they can unwind at the end of the day or feel invigorated to embrace the day ahead of them. Many people […]

AKDY Shower Panel Review

Who doesn’t want to have a shower experience that tops all others they have ever taken? It is the reason spas are so popular. Now, it is easier than ever to have a spa-like experience in your own home. It is all thanks to AKDY and their four-function shower panel. To learn more about what […]

Niagara Earth 1.5 GPM Shower Head Review

niagara shower head

The Niagara Earth has been reviewed by nearly 800 customers and received a 4.5/5 stars. Users love it because it is easy to install, it has two shower stream modes (regular and massaging), there is no pressure drop when other devices that use water are in use, it has a nice flow of water for only being a […]

Oxygenics Shower Head Review

oxygenics shower head review

After many requests for one, we finally have an Oxygenics shower head review for you! This one from Oxygenics uses jet engine power packed in an attractive unit. It uses patented technology that increases the content of oxygen in the water, self-pressurizing it for the best possible shower experience. The unit also provides the possibility of […]

Thunderhead Th2.5 Shower Head Review

thunderhead shower head

If you’re a homeowner, then you may have been in situations where buying things for the home required you to make some difficult decisions. Granted, this isn’t always as dramatic as it sounds – sometimes the “difficulty” comes from the need to pick the best purchase that gets you the best value for money and […]

Kohler Moxie Showerhead Review

kohler moxie bluetooth shower head

Investing in household appliances and fixtures is always a trickier situation than most realize at first. They don’t see how complex a decision-making process it is, at least not initially, because to many it’s a simple matter of buying things that one needs at home. Then again, on some level, aren’t they right to think […]

Review of the Grohe Euphoria Rain Shower System

grohe euphoria shower system

What’s better than waking up and stepping into your very own private rain forest? Rain shower systems now make it all possible. Distributing water over your entire body in a gentle soaking manner, they can be just what makes the difference to the beginning of every day. You deserve to expect more from your morning routine […]

Review of the Retro Speakman Anystream

speakman anystream shower head review

Because most of us begin every day in the same way, we can all come to the agreement that the best shower possible is a must. And most of us would also admit that the best shower heads are those with the highest pressure and unrestricted flow.   If this is what you are looking for, […]