Decor Star 64-Inch Stainless Steel Shower Panel System

For those who appreciate both exquisite design and functionality, the Decor Star 044-SS should satisfy all of your needs. Featuring a stylish European design, it has a 4 stage shower function ranging from rainfall, waterfall, full body massage, and hand shower which can be used individually or at the same time.

decor shower shower system

The entire shower unit consists of 150 separate water flow outlets plus the waterfall outlet. The silver stainless steel panel also features a thermostat for adjusting the temperature during bathing. Attached to the side of the system is a handheld stainless steel plated brass hand shower in a matching sleek design.

The Decor Star 044-SS shower unit comes complete with all required parts and is ready to be installed without too much difficulty. Being a high-end shower, you can expect years of relaxing and tailor-made bathing experience day after day via a well made and expertly designed unit. Perfect for mid-sized bathrooms, the entire system as a whole measures in at 68 x 22 x 8.7 inches. This also makes it perfect for a shower unit that has limited width.

Overview of the Decor Star Shower Panel


  • Excellent value for money. High-quality materials will ensure that you get the maximum usage from the shower panel over many years.
  • The sleek and stylish design makes it an ideal choice for those with limited space and who want a stand-alone shower.
  • Ability to perform 4 different wash modes in one. A great choice of pressure settings and an all over body experience.
  • Clean and nicely laid out frontage with easy access to different shower settings and temperature control.


  • The silver metal finish is prone to fingerprints and residue marks being left on the surface.
  • The rainfall section of the shower is non-adjustable and must be fixed at the desired angle during installation.
  • 3.62 gallons of water per minute can increase the annual cost of the water bill and does not conform to current government standards of 2.5 gallons per minute.
  • Not suitable for use with a bathtub. Needs to be used as a standalone shower unit.
  • The heaviness of the system may cause concern for those installing the shower on a plasterboard or false wall.

Are Any Specialist Tools Required?

The Decor Star 044-SS is an extremely heavy system and weighs in at over 24lbs for the entire unit. To install the shower panel you will need the following items to hand.

  • Thread sealant tape (PTFE)
  • Waterproof silicon sealant
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Drill with a 1 quarter bit
  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Marker, pen or pencil

The rainfall shower head is not adjustable and it is recommended to be positioned between 10 -12 inches above the head for the best alignment with the body. A tape measure will come in handy for getting this right. Measure the height of the tallest user and add 10 inches to it and you will have your height for marking the screw hole placements.

You will also need to ensure you connect the correct hose to the correct valve on the unit otherwise the water mixer will not work correctly and you will not be able to achieve the correct temperature required. Installing the Decor Star is quite straightforward and doesn't require too much effort, however, for some, it may be more of a task than they would appreciate, especially in comparison to a standard handheld shower installation.

*This shower is not suitable for hardboard or dry walls as the weight of the system will be too much for the wall to support. A solid brick wall is preferred.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing

decor start shower panel system

The Decor Star 044-SS is a heavy shower unit and will not be suitable for use on weak or crumbling walls. It is also not designed to be placed over a bathtub, so you will need to allow for a separate space in the bathroom for it.

Those 2 issues aside, the Decor Star is a state of art, modern, and highly attractive shower panel that provides a fantastic full body wash in one. The side panel jets focus on the chest, upper abdomen, groin, and legs, while the shower head gently drops water from above as if you were standing under a waterfall or rain shower.

The height of the shower also needs consideration before purchase, especially for above average height people. If your property has low ceilings, getting the shower adjusted to the correct levels may prove difficult. Cleaning the upper parts of the shower may also prove hard for those who are below the average height.

Is It Worth The Price?

If you are looking for the best shower panel system, you will instantly realize that the shower is exceedingly good value for money. For some, the price tag may seem a little on the high side, but for its stylish design and amazingly thorough cleansing capabilities, the Decor star is a steal at this price. Its a bit more expensive than the AKDY Shower Panel, but also comes with higher ratings from users. If you appreciate the finer things in life and don’t mind paying a bit more than average, you will have a shower that you never want to leave in the morning, and one you will look forward to entering every night.

Ready to Purchase the Decor Star?