Review of the Retro Speakman Anystream

Because most of us begin every day in the same way, we can all come to the agreement that the best shower possible is a must. And most of us would also admit that the best shower heads are those with the highest pressure and unrestricted flow.   If this is what you are looking for, and if you also love the vintage and classic look of “days gone by” combined with the modern technology of today; you will want to take a close look at The Retro Speakman Anystream Showerhead.

speakman anystream shower head review

This Speakman was designed with the 1920’s in mind. The new modern twist combined with the old iconic look of the timeless design pairs the solid brass construction with the innovative 360◦ spray technology. This is the incredible feature which is most responsible for adding the latest update to the more traditional style, making this classic looking Speakman extremely desirable. Below is a comprehensive list of features now offered by The Retro Speakman Anystream.

Features of the Speakman Anystream 

  • speakman shower head reviewsPatented Anystream 360 Technology
  • This Speakman is designed with eight adjustable jets which produce 64 different flow patterns as seen in the video
  • High Quality Solid Brass Construction for an expanded life
  • Maximum allowed 2.5 GPM flow rate for the best possible water pressure
  • The Speakman is equipped to easily connect with standard US plumbing fixtures.
  • Hotel Grade Quality
  • Designed for consistency of spraying power despite the water pressure with Speakman’s own patented pressure compensating Autoflo
  • Also designed with its patented plunger system
  • Easy to clean with self-cleaning nozzles
  • It is designed with the most simple lines for a classically, modern and stylish look; great for any décor.
  • The sculpted arm swivels to adjust the water flow.
  • Water patterns range from gentle rinsing rain to a heavy drenching rain.
  • Easily transforms lower flowing water pressure into a forceful spray.

speakman retro anystream shower head reviewWith a high 4.4 star rating, consumers compare their at-home showering experiences to that of a luxury hotel shower. Users also agree that the design is unquestionably useful for increasing what is normally low water pressure. Customers report that they love the look, style, and feel. It is reported to be a little pricey, but agree that the price is somewhat offset by the quality which is excellent and well worth the cost. Check for current discounts on the Speakman Retro shower head now.

To conclude, most of us want something that offers excellent water flow. You can’t go wrong with a trustworthy brand which is known for living up to its superior reputation. And with the nostalgic classic style, you’ll get the look of a luxury classic shower head mixed with the powerful spray of the modern technologically advanced system that Speakman has to offer. This leaves you with a shower experience which is both refreshing and invigorating.

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