Review of the Grohe Euphoria Rain Shower System

What’s better than waking up and stepping into your very own private rain forest? Rain shower systems now make it all possible. Distributing water over your entire body in a gentle soaking manner, they can be just what makes the difference to the beginning of every day. You deserve to expect more from your morning routine with the Grohe Euphoria Rain system. Grohe shower heads are of the highest quality. They emphasize modern streamlines with their sleek stylish look. But, not to worry, performance has not been sacrificed by the strong aesthetics. Let’s take a look at the specific features of the Grohe.

grohe shower heads

Features of the Grohe Shower System

  • grohe rain shower headComes complete with Grohe Starlight, which is a lustrous chrome finish guaranteed not to diminish over time. Grohe Starlight technology utilizes layers of plating to preserve surfaces, protecting faucets from dirty grime, scrapes, and tarnishing.
  • Grohe SpeedClean – This technology makes cleaning simple as it protects the nozzles from lime scale buildup. Nozzles can be effortlessly cleaned with a quick and easy wipe of the finger.
  • Grohe DreamSpray – This feature is responsible for distributing water consistently and evenly through the spray nozzles, giving a complete rainfall effect every time.
  • Grohe RainSpray – A pattern of spray that widens in coverage and mimics the graceful feel of a genuine rainfall.
  • Grohe Adjustable Spray Angle – Rotates with a special ball and socket joint. Adjusts up to 15 degrees to guarantee flawless coverage.
  • Grohe Full Coverage – Designed with a spray face which measures over 7 inches in diameter, offering a gentle shower and a generous rain spray.
  • Budget friendly compared to many high end models.

Grohe Rain Shower Head Reviews

grohe euphoria shower systemConsumers who have purchased this Grohe report that it is solid piece of engineering which is expected. Users also comment that it delivers an extremely pleasing rainfall shower experience. Installation is reported to be simple and quick, and most users report installing it themselves. Many customers mention that the chrome finish and the look is high-end and desirable.

Clearly, if you are looking for the best rainfall system that will leave you forever singing while you bathe, this could be just the answer you need. The aesthetics combined with the performance definitely creates an impeccable rainfall system. The many features offered by Grohe are designed to produce a unique and supreme shower system like no other.

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