Reviews of the Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker Systems

If you are particular, like me and most other music lovers, you want your music with you almost every waking moment of the day. Yes, that obviously includes the shower. And, why not? What better way would there be to start the day than with a super relaxing rainfall shower experience combined with your favorite tunes right from your very own playlist? Like most music junkies, you’ve probably tried taking your favorite device into the shower equipped with a water tight plastic bag or possibly even purchased a special case that is said to be waterproof. But one thing is for sure, that technique has you missing out on the crisp, high quality sound that you so deserve. So, why not try something new, something a little better?

Shower Head Speakers Comparison Table

bluetooth shower head speakeriRainy w/Wireless Speaker4.5Check Price
h20vibe bluetooth shower head speakerH2oVibe Rain Shower 4.4Check Price
facilla modern bluetooth shower head speakerFacilla Modern Shower Speaker4.3Check Price
kohler moxie showerhead bluetooth shower speakerKohler Moxie 4.2Check Price
bidet4me best shower speakerBidet4me Msh-10 Music4.2Check Price

I will now take just a moment to introduce some of the very best shower head speakers with Bluetooth technology that are on the market today. One of these options that is made to play music is definitely bound to keep you moving to the beat. Yes, even in the shower!

Top 5 Bluetooth Shower Speaker Reviews

1. H2OVibe Rain Shower and Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

h20vibe bluetooth shower head speaker

The H20Vibe Wireless Bluetooth Speaker earns a 4.5 star rating from users, including professional musicians and amateur music listeners alike. With the easy step by step instructions, you can quickly be listening to your favorite music and answering phone calls in the shower! This shower speaker is brilliantly equipped with an extra wide drenching rain shower with very powerful water pressure which is triple the spray power than most of the old traditional ones. Consumers who have purchased this product admit that they are impressed with the high quality of the sound delivered by the lower priced option. Of course, the speakers connect wirelessly to your device, and users have reported that the pairing process is fairly quick and easy.


2. KOHLER Moxie Showerhead with Wireless Speaker

kohler moxie showerhead bluetooth shower speaker

The Kohler Moxie earns a good 4.3 star rating from customers who have purchased the product, and is priced at a medium price point.  With its water resistant speakers, syncs easily with your Bluetooth enabled devices. This stylish speaker can be charged by simply removing it from the unit. The Bluetooth wireless speaker can also be used outside of the shower which is a perk for those looking for Bluetooth shower speakers. Some users have reported that the sound is not quite loud enough for them, and also seems to fade over time. With the Kohler, you cannot answer a phone call, though you can hear the phone ring through the speaker when you receive the call. The water flow is also reported to be more than acceptable, and installation is also a breeze. It was recently featured on the Business Insider as well. Read more about it here =>


3. iRainy with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

bluetooth shower head speaker

You’ll never have to miss your favorite song or that important call again with the iRainy speaker shower head with waterproof wireless Bluetooth. It is capable of playing all of your favorite music, and it, amazingly, allows you to answer phone calls while showering. This lower priced option earns a rating of 4.3 and it is reported to be a great value based on its high quality and modern rainfall style. Buyers also add that the speaker has a great sound and is easily paired with their device, but the range is a little limited. It reportedly works best if it is paired with a device that is located in the same room or, at least, very nearby.


4. Facilla Modern 8″ ABS Rain Shower Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth

facilla modern bluetooth shower head speaker

The Facilla Modern 8” ABS Rain Shower Bluetooth system has a rating of 4.6 stars from customers who have purchased this music shower head. Its is priced at the low to mid-priced point, it is easy to install and is compatible with all mobile phones and tablets that are enabled with Bluetooth technology. You also have the ability to answer a phone call by simply pressing a button. Consumers who have reviewed it compare it to the Kohler Moxie Shower, and comment that they like the fact that this style comes in an array of different colors to match your specific décor. Overall, this is one of the best shower speakers and is rated high due to its reasonable price and high quality.


5. Bidet4me Msh-10 Musical Waterproof Shower Speaker

bidet4me best shower speaker

The Bidet4me is low to mid-priced and deservingly earns a 4.3 star rating from consumers. Combined with its true rainfall shower system and the music shower speakers this one is noted to make a great gift to yourself or that special someone. The quality of sound is good from the high fidelity 3W waterproof speakers, and it easily recharges by simply popping the speaker out after a generous 8 – 10 hours of music or talk. This speaker pairs with a device up to 32 feet away. Background noise is diminished with the the pickup technology. Installation is reported to be almost effortless.


Now that you have been educated and are aware of the possibility of these modern innovative Bluetooth shower speakers, you should take some time to find the best shower speaker for your individual lifestyle and needs. If it is simply music you want, then the option you may want to focus on is the Kohler Moxie. However, if talking on the phone from the shower is more important to you, there are certainly plenty of other Bluetooth options on the market today such as the Facilla Modern or the Bidet4me.