Thunderhead Th2.5 Shower Head Review

If you’re a homeowner, then you may have been in situations where buying things for the home required you to make some difficult decisions. Granted, this isn’t always as dramatic as it sounds – sometimes the “difficulty” comes from the need to pick the best purchase that gets you the best value for money and that’s it. Then again, for many homeowners this is enough of a headache, as owning a home and investing in fixtures for it isn’t exactly cheap. Reading up on reviews often becomes the smart move, so that one can pick the best value for money.

thunderhead shower head

The Best High Pressure Shower Head for Low Water Pressure

For instance, one might find out that spending on bathroom fixtures is a decision-making process unto itself that requires some thought. Many homeowners are caught between a rock and a hard place here, the most surprisingly important (but most overlooked) room in the house. For example, how does a homeowner judiciously spend money on eliminating problems like low water pressure and compact shower spaces? While some might be tempted to expend large amounts of money in remodels or relocations, one more affordable option might be to install the Thunderhead TH2.5.

The Thunderhead TH2.5 is a mountable shower unit that has an extension arm with four self-locking joints, each of which can be adjusted up and down and tilted to the side without needing to adjust the wing nuts; it has gained a following thanks to its tendency to be a very effective high pressure shower system for low water pressure. Many homeowners appreciate both its ease of installation and immediate practical benefits.

Advantages of the Thunderhead

  • As noted in another post, the TH2.5 is one of the best high pressure options on the market, particularly for a reasonable price. thunderhead th2.5 shower headThe Thunderhead TH2.5, with pressure control removed, can deliver a satisfying shower experience with raised water pressure even in low water pressure areas.
  • It is affordable for most families. Amazon offers discounts and free shipping with Prime.
  • It is designed with a wide diameter and “sunflower”-like distribution of jets, which results in a rainfall-type sprayed stream of water. Unlike many others of similar design, the water falls gently and thus spares the showerer the stinging sensation even given the higher pressure.
  • Installation is easy, and can be done out of the box once brought home. No need to pay someone to do it for you.
  • The design is such that cleaning the individual shower jets is easy as well.
  • The adjustable arm allows you to make the most of small shower spaces, which many homes ordinarily have to put up with (and which tends to be the case alongside low water pressure). This also allows it to be effective for short or tall individuals – and should your tastes change later on, you can go from rainfall shower back to a standard angled shower by folding the arm in full.

Potential Issues with the Thunderhead TH2.5

  • Some of the reviews on Amazon state that their only complaint is even with the higher water pressure, there’s only one setting, which doesn’t cater as effectively to varying tastes.
  • It is made of plastic, so you get a flat white item instead of something more high-end looking like polished chrome. To be fair, however, this is reasonable for the price and it doesn’t reduce the durability.

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