Vida Alegría Shower Head Review

Taking a shower is the best part of our day. Those are the moments when we relax and just go with the flow, knowing that everything will be alright. But, in order to make the most out of your shower time, you will need a good quality shower head and hose. Luckily, we have just that kind of a combo here - Vida Alegria Shower Head and Steel Hose. 

vida alegria spashower handheld shower head

In this article, we will talk about the good and the bad of this combo, so that you can get a realistic picture of what this package has to offer you.

Overview of the Vida Alegría


  • Ideal for bathing children or pets, due to the long and flexible hose
  • easy to install
  • Nice looking design
  • Different spray options
  • ​The water flow restrictor allows for improving water pressure
  • Well built


  • Noisy

Essential Features

First let’s talk about how this shower head performs. It has great water pressure, even without removing the water flow restrictor. However, if you want more intense shower time, then just remove this handy part, and enjoy bath time just how you like it.

What also contributes to the great performance is the adjustability. Namely, this unit comes with different spray patterns, allowing you to control the flow. You can choose among more than five functions, including Massage, Gentle Rinse, Drenching Rain and two mix Modes. In addition, there is this cleverly designed function that enables you to save water – so called Drizzle Mode. This is ideal for those who are environmentally concerned.

vida alegria

However, there is one downside of this shower head. Some reviewers state that it is rather noisy, compared to other shower heads on the market. But, if you don’t have a problem with that, then this unit is something you just have to have in your bathroom.

That this shower head is worth buying tells its durability. The shower head is well-built and will not break. You even get a 3-year warranty. Now, how’s that for trustworthiness.

The hose of this handheld shower head is of a good quality since it is made of stainless steel. In addition, it is flexible, making easy work of bathing your kids or pets. Also, this hose will help you clean your bathroom much faster because it is 5 to 7 feet long, so it won’t restrict your movements.

As for the design, you can choose among Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Oil-rubbed Bronze. Whichever one you opt for, you will love the simple yet elegant look of this unit.

On top of all, the Vida Alegria Shower Head is a breeze to install. All you need are basic tools and 15 minutes of your time, and voila – your shower head will be ready.

The Final Word on the Vida Alegría

Well, that’s it. With all the things we have just said to you, it is clear to see why this unit is popular in many homes around the globe. So, if the shower time is something you appreciate, we suggest you buy this handy unit, as it is reliable, well-built, and easy to adjust according to your needs and desires.

Ready to Purchase the Vida Alegría?