Why You Should Buy The Ariel Platinum Steam Shower

The Ariel Platinum Steam Shower is a high-quality shower unit that features everything you need for a top of the range showering experience. The entire system connects seamlessly to create a platinum grade showering system that will have you wanting to spend hours in it rather than just minutes. The shower has plenty of luxury features which include 6 full body massage jets, a rainfall ceiling head, a handheld shower head, and a fantastic steam feature that allows you to create your very own deep cleaning sauna experience in the comfort of your bathroom.

ariel steam shower review

There are also other notable features of this shower, which help create a platinum grade experience, and these include the chromotherapy lighting, the acupuncture massage setting, a digital computer control panel to ensure of the most uniquely tailored shower experience possible, an aromatherapy system, built-in FM radio, wooden flooring, a removable high-end stool, and plenty of self-cleaning functions. The steam feature allows you to use steam alone, water and steam, or water alone.

The addition of chromotherapy lighting is a useful one. There is supporting evidence that lighting can have a therapeutic effect on the body and mind, therefore, including it in a shower unit allows for the user to take advantage of several different functionalities that induce a feeling of wellness and relaxation. When you combine this with the aromatherapy option and create a sauna effect, you will experience true revitalization day after day.

Overview of the Ariel Platinum


  • The ability to create your own deep steaming cleansing experience and the automatic overheating cut out system.
  • The inbuilt aromatherapy feature allows the user to create a wide range of relaxing fragrances while showering.
  • The chromotherapy lighting is a nice addition that allows the user to select a set atmospheric feel to their shower experience.
  • The addition of the removable seating makes the shower perfect for those with limited mobility.
  • The FM radio provides a surround sound audio experience which is safe to use while showering.


  • The involves quite a lot of knowledge to be known to be able to install it yourself.
  • Does not provide the same ease of installation as standard showers attached via a hose.
  • The left-sided design makes it an unsuitable choice for right-sided pipes and outlets. A universally central system would prove to be a better option.
  • Will not be easy to install in bathrooms which have old fixtures and fittings of limited height.
  • The shipping price of up to $500 dollars adds a significant sum to the total purchase price.

As this shower system is a unit as a whole, there is no need to purchase separate basins, faucets, glass doors, and hoses. Everything you need is included with the shower unit. This version is the left-handed one which has been specifically designed for homes where the water connections and drains, etc, are to the left rather than the right. The entire water system is protected by an overheating shutoff system, so you can rest assured that you will not suffer from scalds or other heat-related issues when using the steam feature. Most steam shower reviews agree that the look and design of this model is really stunning. 

Are Any Specialist Tools Required?

The Ariel Platinum will require several special tools to be used during its installation. As a rough guide, the installation process requires a full working knowledge of electrical systems and grounding wires. There will also be a requirement of a drill with several drill bits, all plus, waterproof sealant, waterproof adhesive, an adjustable wrench, screwdrivers, and washers.

ariel platinum steam shower

All in all, the unit as a whole would be best installed by a professional due to all of the different elements involved in its set up. This is especially true when it comes to installing the electrical components as water and electricity can prove to be a fatal combination. While it is possible to install this unit yourself, the amount of work involved would be better suited to someone with a good working knowledge of electrical and plumbing. After all, the unit is an expensive one, so why risk causing damage to it if you can avoid it.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing

The Ariel Platinum Steam Shower is a fantastic all in one top of the range unit that will provide an above average shower experience. While this is obviously an amazing plus for the unit, the size of it must be noted before thinking of having one installed. All in, it is not much larger than many other modern showers, and the added size is needed for all of the amazing functions and features it offers.

Another thing to consider is the rather hefty price tag it comes with. If you have the money available, then it is definitely worth considering as it will provide you with one of the best all-around shower systems money can buy and should last a lifetime. The final consideration should be regarding the installation of the shower. While for some it is possible to self-install this shower, the majority will find it a complex and at times, confusing task. The installation will be an added expense, along with the shipping cost which can be up to $500 ( or check for free shipping here)

Is It Worth The Price?

Having weighed up the pros and cons of the Ariel Platinum Steam Shower, it is easy to see from the outset that this shower unit is worth every cent. There are few shower systems that can match the features, functionality, and design that this one does. While it comes with a large initial financial outlay, the years of use you will get from it will see it paying itself off over time.

If you are all about the design and tech of a shower, then the Ariel Platinum Steam Shower is the best choice to make. Don’t forget to add the cost of shipping and installation on to the purchase price before deciding whether you want to buy it or not.

Ready to Purchase the Ariel Platinum?

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