Best Bathroom Storage Over Toilet Options

Are you lacking space to store your all of your bathroom essentials? If you hate clutter on your bathroom counters or don’t have a convenient place to store your bath towels and toilet paper, you should consider adding more storage to your bathroom. After all, the bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms in the house – a daily shower or two, an occasional use of the toilet, and washing up every now and then are only to be expected. Certainly, storage and shelving would do a better job of maximizing the space than using it to hang a chintzy painting. There are even many products – bathroom storage furniture, in particular – that have come about to serve the function in differing ways.

Over the Toilet Storage Options

bathroom storage over toiletLisbon Collections Space Saver4.4Check Price
best bathroom storage over toiletSauder Peppercorn Etagere Bathroom Cabinet3.8Check Price
bathroom shelf over toiletSauder Bathroom Shelf4.3Check Price
bathroom storage over toiletOrganize it All Metro Space Saver3.4Check Price
best bathroom storage furnitureTMS Over Toilet Storage Option3.4Check Price

The good news is you don’t have to break the bank and there is no need to hire a contractor to add onto your home. New bathroom vanities and cabinets might be out of your budget. Fortunately, there are many over the toilet storage options that look great and provide you with plenty additional storage in your bathroom, depending on the size of your bathroom and what you need.

Bathroom Storage Furniture Reviews

Sauder Peppercorn Etagere Bathroom Cabinet

best bathroom storage over toilet

The Sauder Peppercorn Etagere Cabinet is one option for a bathroom shelf over toilet. It reminds me of something you would see at Ikea, a store that I adore. Also one of Amazon’s most popular bathroom cabinets, this cabinet is designed to save and maximize space by utilizing the empty space above the toilet tank. With a faux granite finish and a clear sheen lent by its topcoat, the cabinet is marketed as being resistant to stains and scratches. Reviews indicate that it’s great for small bathrooms and is easy to put together. However, some also note that while it is easy to put together, it does need to be bolted to the wall behind it.


Organize It All Metro Spacesaver for Over the Toilet

bathroom storage over toilet

Another model to provide bathroom storage over toilet is the Organize It All Metro Spacesaver, which eschews the Sauder’s classic and elegant manufactured style for a similarly elegant modern minimalistic design. The chrome finish and simple pipe stylings make for a decidedly no-frills layout. However, most reviews seem to suggest that the straightforward design does not result in a sturdy and steady piece, instead producing a somewhat flimsy, shaky frame with shelves that have difficulty keeping items standing level.


Lisbon Collection’s Shelved Bathroom Space-Saver

bathroom storage over toilet

Elegant Home Fashions shares its Lisbon Collection’s Shelved Bathroom Space-Saver. Like the Sauder Peppercorn Etagere, this one avoids the more modern chrome finish for a classic look, this time a white engineered-wood frame with an open cubby and two-door enclosed shelf. Yup, doors and even curtains for above-the-toilet bathroom shelving. The instructions allow for easy if multi-step assembly, with no need to anchor the whole thing to the wall. It’s reportedly quite sturdy and solid, but will work better for storing toiletries rather than anything bigger than a hand towel.


TMS Over the Toilet Bathroom Storage Furniture

best bathroom storage furniture

TMS has an Over the Toilet Cabinet that is a little more than what it says on the tin. Not standing particularly tall like the Elegant Home Fashions or Sauder designs, this fits above any standard toilet but focuses its storage design on a u-shaped set of shelves going around the toilet’s overall shape. The above-toilet compartment is one long block that has a door, and is ideal for linens and towels. There are two vertical compartments on either side of the toilet, which should be noted since these might not quite fit the space needs created by your setup. Both vertical compartments have doors, too, so you’ll need to budget some room to open them. It’s worth noting, too, that the relatively thin board panels don’t take too well to electric screwdrivers so putting this together by hand may be the best option available.


Sauder Bathroom Shelf Over Toilet

bathroom shelf over toilet

If you are not looking for a full cabinet for over your toilet, consider the Sauder Bathroom Shelf Over Toilet in this beautiful Cinnamon Cherry finish. It provides three adjustable shelves, a reversible door that opens to the left or right, and a gorgeous faux granite shelf that adds a touch of class to your modern, luxury bathroom. It is popular on Amazon for its ease of installation, functionality and unbeatable price.