5 Color Changing Shower Heads to Light Up Your Day

You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen these color changing shower heads! These light-up shower units change colors automatically as the temperature of the water increases and decreases. Amazing! Talk about adding the element of interest to your shower. The LED options are the latest and greatest in household technology.

Color-Changing Shower Head Comparison Chart

luminex 7 color led shower headLuminexTM Air Turbo 7 Color4.1Check Price
rainbow led shower headRainbow LED4.1Check Price
dreamspa color changing light up shower headDreamSpa Chrome Color Changing 3.9Check Price
hotelspa color-changing led rainfall shower headHotelSpa Color Changing LED 3.5Check Price
handheld chrome LED shower head with temperature controlCoZroom Chrome Color Changing Temp Control3.9Check Price

Benefits of a LED Shower Head

So, maybe you are wondering what the purpose of these rainbow shower heads might be, and how could you find these useful in your everyday life? Let’s start here. How many countless mornings have you turned the shower water on and waited for it to get up to temperature while you’re just standing there freezing in your birthday suit? You have to keep sticking your hand under the water flow, just hoping that it will soon be safe to enter. Enough said. With these, you can simply watch for the perfect color to appear, slip out of your robe, and comfortably step into the perfect shower. And just for fun, turn down the lights and watch the water and light show right in your shower.

It’s a relaxing shower experience like no other! Another bonus is that the kids will love them. Not only are they a fun and exciting way to clean up, but the safety aspect of knowing the water temperature by the color of the lights is a definite plus. And you don’t have to purchase a luxury shower panel for access to this awesome feature. They are available at everyone’s budget! Seriously, what will they think of next? Here are five shower heads with lights that you might want to consider…

Best Light Up Shower Heads

Chrome LED Showerhead w/ Color Changing Temp Control

handheld chrome LED shower head with temperature control

This LED rain combo is among the lower priced units. It has earned an impressive 4.9 star rating from consumers, which just goes to show you quality isn’t always reflected in the price. Here is a look at some of the features offered by this one:

  • This is strictly powered by water pressure. No batteries are needed.
  • Equipped with a built in temperature sensor, it automatically changes color with the LED lighted display.
  • LED lights use three different colors to display three different temperature zones.
  • Comes with 15 LED lightbulbs in three colors; red, blue, and green.
  • Its made with an ABS shell which is completed with a durable chrome finish.
  • It is conveniently compatible with a range of water pressure anywhere from 14psi up to 87psi.


Rainbow LED with Hose

rainbow led shower head

This option has a remarkable array of colors emitting from it. Below are some of the features offered by this particular unit.

  • 12 LED lights power it with a powerful 30,000 hour life expectancy.
  • Water pressure powers it up. No batteries are required.
  • It has a tough and durable chrome finish.
  • Flow rate is 2.5 GPM.
  • LED lights create seven brilliant color schemes.
  • Convenient and easy installation, and there are no batteries or wiring to worry about.
  • Automatically changes colors.


HotelSpa Color Changing LED Rain Shower

hotelspa color-changing led rainfall shower head

The HotelSpa is priced at mid-point and offers a long list of benefits. Let’s look at a few of them which are listed below:

  • Includes an extra-long 15 inch extension arm
  • The arch extension can extend overhead and adjust to the necessary height.
  • Stylish design with reflective chrome face and 10 inch unit
  • Automatically changes color according to the water temperature: Blue – Cool, Green – Warm, Red – Hot, Flashing Red – Warning Hot over 122F
  • Includes a solid brass ball joint, solid brass screws and a large wing nut allowing for easy tightening by hand.
  • Lightweight, reinforced arm.
  • Easy installation; No tools necessary


DreamSpa Chrome Color Changing Light Up 

dreamspa color changing light up shower head

Reasonably priced and well rated by consumers, this comes with the following options:

  • Powered by running water, and no batteries are needed.
  • Adjustable Angling
  • Has a three color changing sensor for water temperature.
  • High Powered with three zones
  • Easy to clean jets
  • Long lasting LED lights up to 100,000 hours
  • Five settings including a Powerful rainfall, massage, Hydro Mist and an economy setting


LuminexTM Air-Turbo 7 Color LED 24 Setting Combo

luminex 7 color led shower head

Very reasonably priced, the Luminex is another great choice. With a few more color options offered, this has much to offer.

  • Comes with 24 color changes.
  • Dual Handheld shower combination (similar to the Delta In2ition)
  • Handheld can be removed for more convenience and multiple uses.
  • LED lights are powered by the running water. No batteries.
  • Designed with a special Air-Turbo technology to boost your water pressure.
  • Luminex includes patented water diverter.
  • Five foot long Flexible Stainless Steel Hose
  • There is a four inch face on each shower unit
  • Four Settings including Rain, Massage, and water saving Pause mode
  • Ample choice of 24 full flow or combined selected water patterns.


As you can see, showering with vibrant lights and color has never been more enjoyable or interesting. These amusing rainbow lights can add color and light to your mundane morning, as well as assisting you in knowing when your water has reached the perfectly desired temperature. As Forbes states, its time to bling your bath. No more jumping into the cold water or shivering while you helplessly wait for the shower to reach a comfortable and warm climate. An ingenious shower system with lights could be your answer to the hazards of unsafe water temperatures, or it could be just the relaxing element that is missing from your rainfall shower experience. One of these is sure to be just the one for you and your family or for your individual style and needs.