Electric Vs Gas Tankless Water Heater

In the past, buying a water heater was based on the size that your home would need. They were bulky things that would take up a portion of your closet, pantry, or cabinet space. Now, we have the tankless water heater and many people love the space that they are able to gain with it, as well as the money and energy they can save. The chart below shows the average annual operating costs of each.

electric vs gas tankless water heater

Credit: Rinnai

With these water heaters, there are also choices. You can choose gas power or electric. Some people prefer gas, while others are devoted to an electric tankless. Are you still undecided on which is best in the debate? If so, perhaps it is time to discover your favorite option in the electric vs gas tankless water heater battle.

How a Tankless Water Heater Works

tankless water heater how it works

Credit: The Advanced Plumber

Why Some Prefer an Electric Tankless?

One of the main things that people love about the electric tankless is the fact that it is more affordable to buy. The average price of a single unit that can work for most size homes will typically be less than $700. They are also affordable to install. This type of water heater can provide up to 8GPM in warm climates and 3.5 during the winter months. They typically do not require any maintenance and you do not have to run a vent for it, so they can be installed anywhere that you want to put them.

The downside of an electric tankless water heater is the operating costs. In all cases, it will cost you more to use electric power over gas power. This is often countered by the fact that you do not have to worry about an environmental impact that is negative. They do not produce any gas emissions.

Why Some Choose Gas Heaters?

When you look at the gas tankless water heater prices, most people shy away. The average price on them is going to be near $1000. However, if you look at the things you gain from it; some people feel it is worth it. Overtime, it will save you money in electricity costs. They also provide 8GPM in warm climates.

The downside; you do need to install a gas tankless water heater with a vent. This makes it more expensive to install and needs to be put in an area that can be vented. It does produce greenhouses gases. They also require yearly maintenance. Some people still feel it is cheaper and better, in the long run, to cut down on their power usage. More so when they think about the fact that a tankless heater only heats the water they need, when they need it. They are not wasting money to heat water that they will not use for hours.

Tankless Water Heater Gas Vs Electric

Some people worry that the natural gas prices will rise over the coming years since more and more people are relying on it to power their homes. This, in effect, raises the price of installing it, but once installed, it is a long-term investment. Most people keep it in their home’s for 20+ years. However, for others, it is still worth it since it is something that will last them for years. It is ideal for people who live off the grid and use solar power instead.

However, there are people who will inevitably choose electric. There is nothing wrong with this decision. It is a power source that will not go away and it is more affordable. As long as you have access to electricity; you can feel confident that you have easy, affordable access to hot water on demand. For more information, head over to our homepage.