Grohe Freehander 3-Spray Shower System

The Grohe 3 spray shower system is a high-end shower that comes with a plethora of features all wrapped up in a super stylish design. Anti-tarnish and Anti-scratch surfaces will ensure a beautiful finish for many years to come. Featuring a dual shower head system with 18 different spray combinations, the Grohe will give you the most comprehensive and invigorating shower experience you could wish for.

grohe freehander dual shower head

The shower heads are pivoted and can adjust up to 360 degrees each enabling you to customize the direction of spray for each head while the shower arm itself is also pivoted and can be adjusted to 180 degrees. One head is designed for the face and hair, while the second head provides a separate wash for the body. Being a high-end shower unit on the larger end of the size scale, the combined weight of it is 10.2lbs and measures 34.8 x 12.5 x 9.5 inches. It is available in four different finishes to complement your bathroom.

Grohe is famed for its well-designed faucets for kitchens and bathrooms and it has successfully transferred that style to this shower head. Finished in stainless steel guarantees a lifetime of a sparkling and clear finish.

Overview of the Freehander


  • A combination of 18 different spray settings between 2 heads ensures that the user will receive one of the best bathing experiences of their life.
  • Features a water efficiency mode so that the flow of water can be reduced without noticing a reduction of flow.
  • Automatic water shut off when you are not standing beneath the shower heads helps save both money and water.
  • The pivoted arm allows for maximum adjustment for your own unique and individual showering requirements.


  • The customizable arm and spray settings may be confusing for those who are not familiar with its settings.
  • Does not provide the same ease of installation as standard showers attached via a hose.
  • The weight of the system can prove to be too heavy for some walls, especially if the shower is to be placed on a false wall.
  • Will not be easy to install in bathrooms which have old fixtures and fittings.
  • The shower is a discontinued product, so finding replacement parts in the future may prove to be difficult.

Are Any Special Tools Required?

grohe freehander double shower

The Grohe Freehander will require the following tools for installation. If you choose to install yourself rather than hiring a plumber to do it for you, you will need: 1 x drill - Drilling template, Rawl plugs, Supporting board of drilling into plasterboard wall.

Installation is quite simple for most, however, it may prove to be complicated for those who are not familiar with drilling techniques and water connections. When installing, the mains water needs to be turned off at the stopcock. If you are not comfortable drilling into your walls, it would be best to hire a plumber to fit it for you.

Things To Consider

The Grohe Freehander is a fantastic double headed shower that enables the user to take advantage of dual washing at one time. However, the large size and heavy weight will make this shower a less than ideal choice for those with limited space in their bathroom or those looking to install the system on a wall that is not made from solid brick. The shower system is also much more complicated and time-consuming to fit when compared to standard hose system showers.

While the installation will undoubtedly take more effort, the showering experience it will provide to the user over their lifetime will be second to none. The superior finish and adjustability of the unit make the Grohe a high-end system that can be found in many superior hotels around the world. If you enjoy luxury and style combined with a wide choice of functionality and high-quality materials, then this shower will be an ideal choice for you.

Is It Worth The Price?

Given the superior design and functionality of the Grohe, the price tag is actually slightly below what it should be. The choice of 18 different spray settings combined with the adjustable arm creates a tailored showering experience that you are free to switch up and adjust as and when you want to.

Made from high-grade materials, including layered plated stainless steel guarantees you will have a shower system that stays as clear and rust free as the day you install it. While the price tag may seem high to some, most shower head reviews agree it is well deserved for its all-round performance and potential to last a lifetime.

Ready to Purchase the Freehander?