Best Shower Heads for Kids and Babies

It’s no secret that kids and babies have special needs and concerns when it comes to bathing and showering. For this reason, choosing the right kid’s shower head can make all of the difference when it comes to bath time. Children’s shower heads should not just be functional, but also fun and safe. If done in the proper way, getting kids started off on the right foot when it comes to showering can be a fun and relaxing exercise. Some of these specially designed units come with a lower flow rate to make for a more comfortable experience, especially if you are using it to bathe a very small child or baby.

Baby Shower Heads Comparison Chart

submarine play station hand shower for kidsSubmarine Spray Station3.9Check Price
oxygenics mickey mouse shower head for kidsOxygenics Mickey Mouse3.8Check Price
oxygenics minnie mouse shower head for kidsOxygenics Minnie Mouse3.8Check Price
childrens shower headsRinse Ace Dolphin3.6Check Price

The goal is to train your child to efficiently use a bathtub and shower and someday become self-sufficient at the job. Many older kids can be lured into the bath with a light up shower or even the bluetooth shower speakers. But what about younger children? Very small children usually do not enjoy getting into an adult sized shower with an adult sized unit high above them. The spray from a shower head that is too high can feel uncomfortable or even somewhat painful. There are a few other important features to assist with the crucial task. So, let’s take a comprehensive look at some of the best shower heads for kids and babies in this detailed guide.

Top 5 Kids Shower Heads Reviews

1. Submarine Spray Station Bath Toy and Hand Shower for Kids

submarine play station hand shower for kidsIt is easy to encourage fun and creative play with the Submarine Spray Station which will quickly get your adorable little tike’s attention. This bright and colorful shower head will have them begging you to splash in the tub. No longer will there be tears at the mention of bath time. The battery operated water pump magically circulates water and moves the components for hours of bathtub fun. Here is a comprehensive list of features included with the Submarine Spray Station:

  • Inspires independence through playing and exploration
  • Battery operated and attaches to bathtub
  • Creates a safe continuous stream of water
  • Flowing water creates a chain of events for a fun effect
  • Approved for little kids ages two – six


2. The Mickey Mouse Oxygenics Combo

oxygenics mickey mouse shower head for kidsEvery little kid absolutely loves Mickey Mouse, and with the Oxygenics your cute little one can spend quality bath time with Mickey every single day. Kids of all ages will have lots of fun, and they will love learning to cleanup in the shower with a Mickey shaped shower head. What better way to get your child interested in showering? Also available is a Minnie Mouse shower head for your little Minnie lovers! Let’s take a look at the Mickey Mouse Oxygenics features:

  • Fifteen fun and unique spray patterns
  • Includes impressive pressure boosting technology
  • Convenient Lever for comfort control; easily adjusts
  • Easy grip – rubber non-slip; easy for little hands to control
  • Three way diverter


3. Rinse Ace “My Own Shower” Dolphin

childrens shower headsTransform your traditional shower into a kid or baby friendly zone with a snap of the finger. This cute little dolphin on the Rinse Ace’s “My Own Shower” will get lots of giggles from your little guys and dolls. This one includes a three foot hose with a quick connect and quick detach feature. No hassle when sharing the shower space with little ones. You can have this one on and off in no time. Here are the details:

  • Quick and easy connect; will attach easily to most existing unit
  • Height is adjustable for easy use
  • Softer spray output
  • Easy connect/detach hose for convenient use
  • Fun and safe shower time for children of all ages


4. The Sesame Street Elmo Shower Spray

elmo shower heads for kidsThere is nothing cuter than Elmo from Sesame Street, and this shower spray is no exception. This little sprayer is so simple to use, and adds color, interest, and creativity to your child’s bath time. The sprayer uses the water in the tub. With a simple press of the star, watch your responsive child delight with the soft gentle spray effect. Let’s take a look at all of the important details:

  • Stays in the desired location with the attached suction cups
  • High quality; Made with a sturdy ABS material and a durable PVC
  • Cleans easily with a mild soap or detergent
  • Convenient and easy; No batteries are needed
  • Easy for very small hands to press the star for a soft spray


5. ANCHEER’s Child’s Shower System and Wand

childrens shower headThe ANCHEER’s colorful shower unit and wand was created just for children in mind with their softer skin and hair. Superior manufacturing of this eco-friendly wand ensures a lasting, high quality product. And, to top it off, this has been awarded with a safety certification. The following is a list of features:

  • Adds interest and fun to child’s bath time
  • Colorful to encourage a child’s imagination
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Saves water
  • Body spraying shower
  • Very soft and gentle spray
  • Promotes self-sufficiency
  • Easy gripping handle; easier for a child to operate independently
  • Included with the purchase is a free eco-friendly bag
  • Accessories and hoses are available separately


When it comes to kids and bath or shower time, you can see that these can make a big difference. The usual task of choosing the right shower head for children has never been easier. Whether you have a toddler, an infant or an older child, one of these options listed in our guide is certain to work for you. Giving kids the opportunity to learn to shower at their own pace with products designed especially for them will positively make bath time much less stressful and hectic. Shower heads with adjustable height options and lower water pressure for a more comfortable bath will be beneficial in helping kids learn to be a little more independent in the bathroom. Making bath time less scary for babies is important, and these can take it a step further and even make it fun and enjoyable! These products are designed to get kids off to the right start.