Kohler Moxie Showerhead Review

Investing in household appliances and fixtures is always a trickier situation than most realize at first. They don’t see how complex a decision-making process it is, at least not initially, because to many it’s a simple matter of buying things that one needs at home. Then again, on some level, aren’t they right to think so? In many cases, it does more or less come down to throwing money down on one or two things that the home is perceived to need.

kohler moxie bluetooth shower head

For instance, many wouldn’t think of plunking money down on what is perceived to be a luxury, while others with cash to spare might be looking into something to spice up the home. In this day and age of technological advancement, for instance, there are many typically-optional add-ons that to some become indispensable and to others are ultimately a frivolous expense. Nevertheless, whichever one you see a product as, it only makes sense to find out as much as you can about it before making your decision.

Those who enjoy music at all times of the day might enjoy something like bathroom speakers, for instance – whether it’s the kind you sync to your iPod or a different sort that is more dedicated. One example of this is the Kohler Moxie Showerhead Speaker, which puts your music right in the shower with you thanks to a Bluetooth shower head mounted speaker. Take a listen…

Benefits of the Bluetooth Shower Head
kohler moxie bluetooth shower head

  • Design-wise, Kohler Moxie Bluetooth mounted speaker fits in with just about any bathroom design thanks to a classy and neutral white silicone design.
  • Bluetooth makes connecting to a variety of music playing devices very easy.
  • Kohler is a trusted name in the industry
  • Volume is quite good for music – easily audible at full volume above the stream of water – although this may not be as true for, say, podcasts and spoken word.
  • Installation is quick and simple, meaning you don’t even need to have any workmen setting it up for you.
  • Kohler states that the battery life for the speaker is rated at 7 hours – if you take baths of average length, this should give you a week or so’s worth of music before you need to charge.

Possible Issues with the Kohler Moxie
kohler moxie showerhead review

  • The Kohler Moxie is quite expensive, as speakers go. Since it’s a shower unit and speaker combo, many find its worth a little extra investment.
  • There’s only one shower setting, meaning you can’t adjust water stream strength.
  • Some listeners report the speaker as being a bit treble-heavy, which might get in the way of your music enjoyment depending on what you’re playing.
  • There’s no way to adjust volume using the speaker itself, which forces you to rely on your Bluetooth-paired music player.

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