Moen Magnetix Shower Head Review

With all those shower heads on the market, choosing a good one is certainly not an easy task. You will need to think about a spray performance, how well a certain model is built and does it match your bathroom interior. Well, we looked at this Moen shower head and took all the previously mentioned things into account. 

moen magnetix shower head

Based on all that, we decided that this unit is a good quality shower head and as such is a worthy investment. So, let us talk about its features and performance to help you make an informed decision.

Overview of the Moen Shower Head


  • Includes hand shower, flexible hose, and magnetic holder bracket
  • 2.5 GPM full flow
  • Six spray options
  • Good water flow and pressure
  • Beautifully designed
  • Multiple finishes available


  • Pricier option

Key Features of the Moen Magnetix

The first thing we want to mention is that this is a nice combo. You get a complete package – a 3.5 inches hand shower, a 60 inches metal hose (flexible) and a magnetic holder bracket. This makes the installation a whole lot easier, so no need to worry about that. You will install this unit in a short time according to most reviewers.

moen shower head

What makes this product stand out from its competitors is a strong magnet. Compared to other models that don’t really feature a powerful and reliable magnet (although the manufacturers say they do that is far from the truth), you can count on this one. The magnet really is powerful and it will hold the shower head in place all the time. In addition, the magnet will remain strong after months of use. This is what makes this unit one of the best hand showers.

This shower head performs great and has 2.5 GPM full flow. However, the spray performance is not too strong, so the water coming out of the shower head will give you just the perfect experience. Furthermore, there are six spray functions that you can choose from, so as to help you find the pressure that suits you best. On the days you are too tired, there is a Massage function. Similarly, when you want to relax and go with the flow, you can choose a Rain function. There are four more functions to provide you with a memorable shower time.

moen handheld shower

Since the flow is 2.5 GPM, it means that this shower head is a good choice for those who keep their water and electricity bills under control. 

As for the appearance, the Moen rain shower head and handheld look good. However, they would look much better if there aren’t for the plastic parts. Unfortunately, they hinder the overall look of these units. Still, this package does not look bad. In fact, whether you choose Chrome or Brushed Nickel, this unit will bring a nice, modern touch to your shower.

The Final Word

And we came to the end of our Moen handheld shower head review. Hopefully, we helped you see whether this unit is something you would want to have in your bathroom. We think it is a worthy addition to any bathroom, as it has a lot to offer. So, if you are looking to buy a good quality shower head combo, then this is a real deal.

Are You Ready to Buy the Moen?