Our Picks for the Best Handheld Shower Heads

best handheld shower heads

Handheld shower heads are one of the most popular types of shower heads, simply for their ease of use and flexibility. There are so many uses for a handheld shower head that it’s hard to believe that some households are still without one of their own. If you have kids or pets, a handheld is not only a luxury. It is a necessity! From showering sitting down to rinsing soap and shampoo more efficiently and quickly, the possibilities are endless.

Have you been searching for the best handheld shower head only to find that the choice is overwhelming? You will soon find yourself looking in the right direction! Let's take a look at the top 5 hand showers you can buy...

Top 5 Detachable Shower Heads Comparison

Vida Alegríavida alegria spashower handheld shower headChrome

Brushed Nickel

4.7Check Price
KES Handheldbest handheld shower headBrushed Stainless4.6Check Price
Delta Hand Showerbest handheld shower headsChrome

Satin Nickel


4.3Check Price
Hansgrohe Cromahansgrohe crome jet handshowerChrome

Brushed Nickel

4.3Check Price
Speakman Caspianspeakman caspian anystreamPolished Chrome

Brushed Nickel

3.9Check Price

In these reviews, we will outline our picks for each removable shower head which made our list of the top five. Equipping you with all of the information you need, we will make it easy for you to make an educated and informed decision on your next purchase.

Best Handheld Shower Head Reviews

Vida Alegría Spashower

vida alegria spashower handheld shower head

The Vida Alegria handheld is our #1 pick for handheld shower heads! It comes with a unique component; a stretchable stainless hose which stretches from 5 feet to over 7 feet long! With 5 different spray patterns, the Vida Alegria will dial up whatever type of experience for which you are in the mood. Let’s take a look at the other unique features of the Vida Alegria:

  • Unique stay put holder to keep it in place when attached to the shower wall
  • 5 different modes which include Pressure Drench, Power Massage, Relaxing Rain, 2 mixes, and Drizzle
  • Easy to install with illustrations and easy to follow instructions
  • Easy to clean silicone jets
  • Easy to remove flow restrictor
  • 5 – 7 foot stretchable hose
  • Leak Free design
  • Box is easy to open as well as recyclable

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Delta 7-Setting Universal Hand Shower

best handheld shower heads

This contemporary Delta 7 setting unit efficiently offers the best of both worlds. Whether you need the versatility of the hand held or the convenience of an attached standard unit, the Delta will, undoubtedly, provide both. It is a more affordable option than the In2ition that also provides the fixed and handheld unit. With the included six foot hose, which is flexible and tangle free, almost any task will be a breeze. Here is the list of features we think you will find most appealing:

  • Designed with a contemporary modern style in mind
  • Seven spray settings
  • Hand shower with massage
  • Anti clogging feature to easily remove mineral and calcium deposits
  • Easy turning spray dial with internal waterway and double-check valve
  • Mounts to arm for easy hands-free showering
  • Innovative Ergonomically designed handle for easy maneuvering
  • Convenient Six Foot flexible hose which is included

More details of the Delta here

Hansgrohe Croma

best handheld shower heads

The Hansgrohe Croma 3-Jet Hand Shower quickly transforms your simple bath into a luxurious and pampering spa experience. The Hansgrohe brand prides itself in providing consumers with the ultimate function, quality and design in all of their products, and the Hansgrohe Croma is no exception. Here is a list of features offered by the detachable unit:

  • Oversized four inch spraying face
  • QuickClean technology; easy to clean elastic silicon nozzles
  • 75 spray channels which are non-clogging
  • 3 Spray Modes includes Full, Massage, or Intense Turbo Spray
  • Whirl air Massage setting
  • Functions as a rainfall shower head when attached to the wall
  • Ceramic
  • Flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute
  • Sleek, clean lines for a modern look

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KES Handheld w/ Extra Long Hose

best handheld shower head

The KES with hand shower includes an extra long hose along with a bracket holder which are made with quality stainless steel construction. This no-frills handheld is easy and simple to install, and provides a great value at a great price. Here is the list of features provided by the KES:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Sleek modern looking design
  • Powerful water pressure
  • Designed with an easy to hold grip
  • Easy to clean
  • Designed to ensure quality as well as longevity
  • Extra long 79 Inch shower hose included
  • Universal connection to fit most fixtures
  • Easy installation; step by step instructions included

Speakman Caspian Anystream

best handheld shower head

The Speakman Caspian Anystream Handheld brings to mind the Moen Handheld with its similar look. But never doubt, the Speakman is in a class of its own. This detachable unit features Speakman’s patented and innovative Anystream 360◦ technology which allows users to transition between numerous and multiple spray patterns. Speakman is a respected brand on our site, where you'll find other reviews such as the Retro and the Reaction models. The Speakman Caspian also offers the following features:

  • 5 adjustable jets which are able to produce 40 unique sprays and twelve spray jets for massaging
  • Easily rotates with the faceplate
  • Includes a 60 inch metal hose with bracket
  • Constructed of Speakman’s lightweight engineered plastic
  • 5 gallons per minute flow rate
  • Fits most standard United States plumbing fixtures
  • Nozzles are easy self cleaning to offer powerful spray consistency even under low water pressure conditions
  • Hotel quality grade that Speakman is known for
  • Available in other finishes
  • The Caspian line of faucets offers coordinating combinations for your entire bath

As you can see, there are many uses for these popular handheld shower heads, and just as many from which to choose. Whether you are looking to help with daunting daily tasks such as bathing pets and kids, or just looking to add one of these for a more luxurious and spa-like setting in your home bath; one of our top picks is sure to be just what you’ve been seeking. So, when you are on the search for the best handheld shower, this comprehensive and detailed list should be of useful assistance. After all, there are many reasons why each of these hand held beauties earned a spot on our list of the top five. Of course we have reviews of other options, such as the ShowerMaxx and more on our homepage. Now that you are armed with all of the data that is required to make a well prepared decision; your, otherwise, overwhelming task of picking the perfect option for you and your individual needs will be an enjoyable one!


best handheld shower heads