Guide to the Best Walk-in Tubs and Prices

best walk in tub reviews

Walk-in tubs and shower combos are a must for the elderly or anyone suffering from some type of mobility disability that will not allow them to bathe easily or to just simply ease the mind of loved ones. With a walk in tub, you will no longer have to worry about the elderly slipping and […]

Best Outdoor Solar Shower Kits and Reviews

yescom foldable solar heated outdoor shower

There are many reasons you may be on the hunt for an outdoor solar shower. One of the most popular reasons people have them on their deck or patio are to remove the chlorine from their skin and hair as you exit the pool to prevent your hair getting a green tint that many frequent swimmers […]

Niagara Earth 1.5 GPM Shower Head Review

niagara shower head

The Niagara Earth has been reviewed by nearly 800 customers and received a 4.5/5 stars. Users love it because it is easy to install, it has two shower stream modes (regular and massaging), there is no pressure drop when other devices that use water are in use, it has a nice flow of water for only being a […]

Best Medicine Cabinets For Your Bathroom

best medicine cabinet

Have you ever thought about why a medicine cabinet is needed? Could you imagine what your bathroom would look like without one? It would be chaos, that is for sure. Everyone would see all of your personal products (medicine, perfumes, deodorants, nail polishes, etc.) out in the open. Plus, if you have cats, they would […]

Oxygenics Shower Head Review

oxygenics shower head review

After many requests for one, we finally have an Oxygenics shower head review for you! This one from Oxygenics uses jet engine power packed in an attractive unit. It uses patented technology that increases the content of oxygen in the water, self-pressurizing it for the best possible shower experience. The unit also provides the possibility of […]

Best Steam Shower Reviews and Deals

ariel steam shower reviews

Steam showers are becoming increasingly popular in the home. They provide a sense of luxury and ultimate relaxation, letting you unwind after a long day’s work. Gone are the days of having to visit a spa for this kind of treatment. They are now available and even affordable to have all for yourself. Steam showers […]

Best Shower Panel System Reviews

best shower panel

Shower panel systems combine amazing cleaning functionality and a wonderful spa-like experience for the entire family. They are both therapeutic and useful, and serve as a great addition to your bathroom. They also come with amazing features, including waterfall effects, rain shower heads, powerful body massage jets, LED lights, and several other features. There are […]

Best Bathroom Storage Over Toilet Options

best bathroom storage over toilet

Are you lacking space to store your all of your bathroom essentials? If you hate clutter on your bathroom counters or don’t have a convenient place to store your bath towels and toilet paper, you should consider adding more storage to your bathroom. After all, the bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms […]

Thunderhead Th2.5 Shower Head Review

thunderhead shower head

If you’re a homeowner, then you may have been in situations where buying things for the home required you to make some difficult decisions. Granted, this isn’t always as dramatic as it sounds – sometimes the “difficulty” comes from the need to pick the best purchase that gets you the best value for money and […]

Freestanding Toilet Paper Holders For Your Bathroom

Making purchases from the home can be quite a tedious and potentially taxing task, not least because of the decision-making process involved. Not everything is as be-all end-all as that, though, and you won’t always be talking about investing huge amounts in walk-in bathtubs or electrical fixtures or construction of certain pieces. Nevertheless, if you’re […]