Review of the Retro Speakman Anystream

speakman anystream shower head review

Because most of us begin every day in the same way, we can all come to the agreement that the best shower possible is a must. And most of us would also admit that the best shower heads are those with the highest pressure and unrestricted flow.   If this is what you are looking for, […]

Reviews of the Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker Systems

bluetooth shower head speaker

If you are particular, like me and most other music lovers, you want your music with you almost every waking moment of the day. Yes, that obviously includes the shower. And, why not? What better way would there be to start the day than with a super relaxing rainfall shower experience combined with your favorite […]

Moen Velocity S6320 Rainfall Review

moen velocity 6320 rain shower head

The latest rain shower heads are known for offering the most relaxing experience available. The newest and greatest rainfall shower heads are larger than the older conventional style, and they easily administer a more gentle flow of water resulting in a completely natural and peaceful downpour. There are many new options on the market today, and […]

Review of the Hansgrohe Raindance Shower System

hansgrohe raindance shower head review

What is the most important aspect of the day? I say it’s a great start that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for anything. Likewise, the perfect ending to the day is equally important. What if you could begin your day with a gentle relaxing shower to awake your senses, and wrap up the day […]

Delta In2ition 2-in-1 Handshower Review

delta in2ition shower head

Are you in search of the perfect shower head with a relaxing rainfall experience? Do you also need the convenience and flexibility of a handheld? Well, look no further! The Delta In2ition 2-in-1 may be just what you’ve been searching for! This review will highlight all of the functions and unique characteristics that make this a […]

Reviews of the Best Double-Headed Shower Systems

akdy rainfall dual shower head

Dual Shower Head Systems are quickly becoming more popular. You may be wondering why these modernistic double shower heads are so useful. Why would anyone really find it necessary to have two shower heads in one shower? Is it crucial to have a spacious two person bathtub in order to make good use of one? […]

Top 5 Rainfall Shower System Reviews

MODONA rainfall shower head

One of the best parts of the morning, for most of us, is stepping into a refreshing and calming shower. There is simply no better way to begin a new day than to let warm relaxing water lightly glide over your skin to gently wake you up. Contrary to the former, more traditional, shower heads, […]

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