ShowerMaxx Luxury Handheld Review

For some people, choosing a shower head is extremely simple. You go to the store and bring one home. Other people want to have certain features that they can enjoy and therefore they spend a lot of time researching which one may be best. This is not always easy considering the many options available on today’s market. The good news is, there is one that you can hold in your hand and enjoy a completely relaxing shower that will not run up your water bill. To learn more, read our ShowerMaxx 6 setting review.showermaxx review

Features of the ShowerMaxx

This handheld unit has six spraying options. They include a rainfall setting, a power massage, a rainfall power massage setting, a circular massage, circular rainfall massage, and even a water saver trickle setting.

It features an extra-long steel hose. When hanging, it is 5.74ft long, but it is stretchable enough to reach up to 6.56ft. This is ideal for cleaning pets or your shower walls.

It comes with a ball joint adjustable mount and Teflon tape, as well as a full lifetime warranty. Full installation instructions are also included.

It is available in a brass, bronze, chrome, or nickel finish. The faceplate measures in at 4.5” and all parts are made with ABS material to ensure that it stays beautiful for a very long time.

The ShowerMaxx also uses 2.5 GPM to ensure that you do not waste a lot of water during your daily shower. However, it does not seem to slack on providing a massaging shower.

Benefits of the ShowerMaxx

When it comes to finding the best handheld shower unit, features matter and most people love handhelds that offer a variety of spray settings. This one has six settings for you to choose from and all of them will be relaxing and enjoyable.

The fact that it does not use a lot of water will further increase the relaxation of it. It also comes with everything that you could possibly need to install it, including a detailed installation manual that has pictures in it. This means that as soon as it arrives, you will be able to install it and begin using it soon after and you should not have to worry about any complications.

Owner Reviews of the ShowerMaxx

When looking at handheld reviews, there are some that leave a little to be desired. This is not one of those cases according to most owners. It has an average rating of 4.5-stars out of nearly 500 current reviews. Most all say that it is built with high-quality material, very easy to install, and provides a shower that is exceptional in every way. They all seem to agree that it is one of the most impressive of its kind available and cheaper than they would have expected for its overall quality. However, there are some people who give it a lower rating because of the instructions, which are not clear enough for them. There are also a couple people who say that it started to leak, but most say that leaking is not a problem if you use the tape.

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