Speakman Reaction Low Flow Shower System

Most people don’t think of shower heads as a stylish accessory for a bathroom, but the Speakman Reaction may prove that you can. It is a contemporary looking option that promises to provide both style and an outstanding shower experience. To learn more, read our full Speakman Reaction review.

speakman low flow shower head

speakman reaction low flow shower headspeakman reaction low flow shower head

Features of the Speakman Reaction

speakman reaction shower head

This is a low flow shower unit. You can choose to own either the 2 or 2.5 GPM. It is Watersense certified and either one will work flawlessly and give you the type of power that you want because it has a turbine-powered engine.

It is available in three surprising colors. They include smoky gray, dusk blue, and jade green. Thy make a unique statement, but the frame is transparent so that it is just a hint of color.

It weighs in at only 11.2 ounces and it is made of plastic and chrome. The head pays tribute to the turbine power with a fan shaped jet spray option. Water is concentrated within the head and then pushed out powerfully through the jets. This ensures a pulsating shower experience that you will enjoy.

This one fits onto any regular sized pipe. This means you do not have to upgrade your shower’s plumbing. You simply take one off and put the new one in place.speakman reaction low flow shower head

Benefits of the Reaction 

One of the biggest benefits is the fact that it is turbine powered. It is a low flow option that promises to give you the best shower that you have ever experienced. It provides a massaging, pulsating shower that fans out wide enough to cover your entire body with water. It also comes with everything you need to install it, including the Teflon tape to ensure it does not leak.

What Amazon Owners Say About the Speakman 

When you first look at the Speakman review on the internet, you will find one universal fact; most people say that it is beyond a doubt, the best low flow unit available. They like the style. They like the pressure that it can provide. There are some people who say that the 2.0 GPM is just as impressive as the 2.5 GPM. Most all people say that it is one of the most efficient options that they have tried out. The only downside that some people say it has is that it puts out more of a mist rather than a jet stream of water. The good news is, most all of amazon and other website reviewers love using it.

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