Freestanding Toilet Paper Holders For Your Bathroom

Making purchases from the home can be quite a tedious and potentially taxing task, not least because of the decision-making process involved. Not everything is as be-all end-all as that, though, and you won’t always be talking about investing huge amounts in walk-in bathtubs or electrical fixtures or construction of certain pieces. Nevertheless, if you’re eyeing things that are smaller in scale and scope but are geared toward maximizing the benefit of the home space, or otherwise making your life a bit more convenient, this still deserves a fair bit of thought.

Best Standing Toilet Paper Holders Comparison

gatco floor standing tissue holderGatco Designer Pedestal Toilet Paper Holder4.5$
floor freestanding toilet tissue standFloor Freestanding Toilet Tissue Holder4.5$$
freestanding toilet paper holderDecoBros Toilet Paper Holder4.6$
umbra teardrop freestanding toilet paper holderUmbra Teardrop Toilet Roll Holder and Reserve4.3$
interdesign free standing toilet paper holderInterDesign Bruschia Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder4.0$

Take, for instance, the humble bathroom. After you’ve filled the place with the actual important implements such as the best shower head or a heated towel warmer, what’s the next step? This room isn’t also traditionally called the “comfort” room for no reason – this is meant to be a safe, relaxing place for you and for houseguests who will almost certainly need it at least once per visit. One item that tends to make the use of the space a bit easier is the free standing toilet paper holder. Toilet paper holders aren’t always imbedded in a wall – especially if the design of the bathroom locates the toilet itself away from a perpendicular or facing wall, or the space is too cramped to use a wall – and occasionally a separate, standalone unit is needed to hold the toilet paper. Many manufacturers have elected to combine this basic functionality with other functions for greater value and more efficient use of space. Choosing the best free standing toilet paper holder will require, among other things, an attention to that kind of value.

Top 5 Toilet Paper Holder Stands

1. DecoBros Freestanding Toilet Paper Roll Holder

decobros toilet paper roll holder

This free standing toilet paper holder has a chrome finish and is billed as being made of durable steel. However, some users have reported rust forming on the base of the device, and leaving rust stains on the floor. Nevertheless, if one locates it away from constant water flow, this could potentially be avoided. The design is simple and elegant in its way – the toilet paper roll is held by a horizontal bar mounted on the vertical spine of the structure, and a basket at the base can hold reserve rolls (up to 5 or 6) and even magazines.


2. Gatco Designer II Pedestal Toilet Paper Holder

floor standing tissue paper holder

This 22-inch tall free standing toilet paper holder has an even simpler and more straightforward design, mainly being a pole bearing a toilet paper holding arm at the top. This can accommodate up to a triple roll, and the basic design and chrome plating help it match a variety of bathroom settings. The all-metal construction (advertised as mostly brass, with a base made of zinc) suggests durability, although some reviews indicate rust-prone steel construction, so take care where you place it. The lack of any other features (even storage for reserve rolls) might make this less a value for money than other, more diverse devices, but if all you need is an efficient tissue holder, you’re good.


3. Umbra Teardrop Diecast Toilet Paper Stand W/ Reserve

umbra metal freestanding toilet paper holder

Perhaps one of the most minimalistic designs on the market, the Umbra Teardrop is simply a weighted circular base and two vertical metal rods – a shorter one that holds reserve rolls, and a taller one that is bent perpendicularly to dispense. It’s advertised as being made of die cast zinc and has a brushed nickel or chrome finish. One concern is that the dispensing roll might slip off the arm holding it, and at least one review has pointed toward the reserve arm loosening and tilting over time. However, if your going for a modern and simple look like something right off HGTV, this might be for you.


4. Interdesign Bruschia Chrome Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder

interdesign freestanding toilet paper

Something of a blend of the above designs, the Interdesign Bruschia has a cylindrical base designed to hold two reserve toilet paper rolls and an arm above that which holds the dispensing roll. One common complaint tends to be that too-forceful pulls might easily yank the dispensing roll off – to be fair, something not unique to this design. For that matter, other reviews suggest that this tends to fall over easily, which suggests the base is not weighted heavily enough.


5. Bathroom Accessories Floor Toilet Paper Holder Stand

floor freestanding toilet paper holder stand

Standing 27.5” tall, this fairly ornate piece has a triple-leg base and a decorative scrollwork-based body. While this is visually elegant, it might fit in better in bathrooms with a similar aesthetic; for all this design it only holds one (dispensing) roll of toilet paper. For that matter, some report that despite the supposedly more stable tripod-type base it still falls over easily – perhaps with heavier materials it might stand better more consistently.