Waterpik Shower System Features and Review

Most people dream of a shower that is relaxing. That is why there are so many different types of shower heads available. The idea is to give people exactly what they want so that they can unwind at the end of the day or feel invigorated to embrace the day ahead of them. Many people love rain shower systems. They are supposed to be reminiscent of the good ole days when you would play in the rain. Waterpik is a company that creates shower heads and they have a rainfall systems available. Is it the shower you have been hoping for? Read our full Waterpik review to find out the good and the bad of it.

waterpik shower head review

Features of the Waterpik

This is a fixed mount, which means you can leave the water lines where they are and still use the shower head. The flexible hose is adjustable so you can put it where you want for it to be with ease. You can adjust its height and where it is horizontally located in your shower. No plumber will be necessary for installation.

This Waterpik is easy to clean. It has rubber nozzles so that even hard water clogs can be removed by someone rubbing their finger over them.

You can choose between 2.0 gpm or 2.5gpm. Your choice should depend on the amount of water pressure that you have and the type of shower that you want to experience from your rain shower.

These 8-inch heads come with a limited lifetime warranty. This ensures that you can get a full spray over your entire body for as long as you want to enjoy total relaxation. There are also a variety of settings that you can choose from. The full body spray setting, the drenching rain shower (like the ones here), and a pulsating rain shower. Each one increases the level of relaxation that you will feel.

Benefits of the Waterpik Rainfall

The Waterpik brand is known for being the maker of the Original Shower Massage. They are the #1 choice of people who want to improve their shower experience. It gives you two water flow rating options, but if you need more pressure you can easily remove the flow restrictor. This shower has multiple settings to ensure that you get a good shower and that soap will rinse off easily. Even if one setting is not strong enough, a minor adjustment will ensure a firmer water pressure.

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Potential Issues 

One major issue that has been mentioned is the flexible hose. When you first purchase the shower system, the hose will be firm and hard to adjust. However, if you repeatedly adjust it, over time it will loosen up and then perhaps not be able to hold it in place the way it should. This is only a real problem for homes that have people of a variety of sizes who want to adjust it to fit each person.

Owner Reviews 

Overall, most people say that this is the best Waterpik available. It is proven by the 4.6-star rating that it holds. People state that it is a great product and those who have needed support for it have found it with ease. They all seem to agree that for the price, it is an unbeatable value.

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